By Bob Brandt and Barry Dyck

Tractor Club – By Bob Brandt
The Southeast Implement Collectors was started after we had an exploratory meeting in November 1999 to see if there would be enough interest to form a club to help preserve equipment used on the farm and stimulate interest... more

By Barry Dyck

Spring on the Farm
Monday, May 20, is Victoria Day. It’s also the day we celebrate Spring on the Farm at Mennonite Heritage Village and collaborate with the Southeast Implement Collectors in staging their annual Tractor Show. The gates will be open from 10:00 AM to... more

By Rebecca Kornelsen

The General Store at Mennonite Heritage Village is the first building you see on the Main Street going through the village. General Stores used to be the center of action in pioneer communities. It was a special place to catch up on news and meet acquaintances as... more

By Barry Dyck

How’s Your Will?
We discovered a little too late that last week was Will Week. Had we known this sooner, we might have posted this column on the importance of having a well-thought-through and legal will a week earlier. Instead, we will call up the oft-used cliché... more

By Evelyn Friesen and Linda Schroeder

A History of MHV’s Education Program
The foundation and impetus for establishing a Mennonite museum in this region was initiated by the late John C. Reimer. In 1966, countless artifacts which had already been collected by the retired school... more

By Jessica McKague

New Donations – Symbiotic Storytelling

Without artifacts, stories are difficult to ground. MHV visitors may be told that the Klaas Reimer Store was the first shop opened in Steinbach, but when they actually step inside the store and can see the goods on... more

New Artifact

Recently our Curatorial department received a unique artifact donation. We have added to our collection the bassinet that was used in the birthing room of the Bethesda Hospital for years, beginning in the 1950’s and being taken out of service when electric equipment came... more

By Barry Dyck

New Staff at MHV
Our auditorium and meeting rooms at Mennonite Heritage Village have become choice event locations for many organizations and individuals. As this rental business grows, so does the need for staff to administer it. Many meetings, banquets and... more

By Barry Dyck

The Gerhard Ens Gallery has a new exhibit. 160 Acres: The Geography of Home; a Prairie Farm and Community is created by Darlene Derksen. Jessica McKague, our Assistant Curator provides an overview of this interesting new exhibit this week.
“Ten years in the... more

By Barry Dyck

The following article is the third in a series leading us to our 50th anniversary celebrations in 2014. It provides insight into the contributions of John C. Reimer, one of the founders of Mennonite Heritage Village. The article is written by his son, Arnold Reimer, a... more