By Glen Klassen (MHV Board Member)

The Clear Springs Settlers
*When Dominion surveyor Thomas Cheesman was laying out Township 7-6E in 1872, he found three cabins already there on uncharted bushland. One of them, perched on the bank of a small creek, belonged to Thomas and... more

By Barry Dyck

Winter in Burwalde
Regular readers of this column will recall that I spent the first 20 years of my life in the Burwalde School District between Winkler and Morden. The Dead Horse Creek runs through that area and was a source of great entertainment for me during... more

By Barry Dyck

Museum Challenges
Every morning I receive an email from a clipping service at the Canadian Museums Association providing me with museum-related articles from various media sources. One of this week’s articles was about the Philip J. Curry Dinosaur Museum in Northern... more

By Alexandra Kroeger, Assistant Curator

The Waldheim House, built in 1876 by Julius Dyck (1852-1909) in the former village of Waldheim (near Morden), is the oldest building on the grounds of Mennonite Heritage Village (MHV). It is currently undergoing extensive restoration to preserve... more

By Barry Dyck

Christmas at MHV
It was a pleasure to have lunch with a small group of volunteers at Mennonite Heritage Village (MHV) today. Predictably Christmas became a key part of our conversation around the table. While a few had started their Christmas shopping, nobody in the... more

By Barry Dyck

On an exceptionally beautiful November morning, with the sun shining and the temperature well above freezing, approximately 120 interested people gathered near the sawmill on the Mennonite Heritage Village (MHV) grounds. They had come for last Saturday’s official... more

By Barry Dyck

“Mennonites, Land and the Environment”
It might have been my farm background that piqued my interest in this year’s Mennonite Studies Conference at the University of Winnipeg. Or maybe it was the quality of presentations that are typically delivered at this annual... more

By Jack Heppner

Conscientious Objector Cairn to be Unveiled at MHV
At 11:00 a.m. on November 12 a cairn honouring Mennonite Conscientious Objectors (COs) during World War II will be unveiled at the Mennonite Heritage Village (MHV).
This cairn is a welcome addition to the... more

By Alexandra Kroeger (Assistant Curator)

As someone who works in a museum, I find it so interesting to see items considered so precious that families have kept them for many years. It is often our privilege to accept these items into our collection here at Mennonite Heritage Village (... more

By Barry Dyck

Manitoba Museums
Several weeks ago I was elected to the Council (Board of Directors) of the Association of Manitoba Museums (AMM) at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Boissevain, Manitoba. This group, which seeks to serve the museums of Manitoba in a variety of... more