Hands-on Program

(for Grades K – 6)

Two separate programs available:
  • Grades K – 3 (“The Mennonites: Then and Now” meets criteria for General Learning Outcomes C, I, D, L, T, and G)
  • Grades 4 – 6 (meets criteria for General Learning Outcomes I, D, L, T, G, and E)
Program is similar to indoor winter program:
  • Program runs from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.
  • Children dress in vests and aprons depicting simple wardrobe of early Mennonites.
  • Explore life of Mennonite immigrants from a child’s perspective.
  • Activities emphasize the role of a pioneer Mennonite child within family and community.
  • Five areas are highlighted in each program: Migration, Home, Work, School, Play
Activities will vary for different grades and may include the following:
  • Listening to a story (illustrated with large pictures) of a pioneer family while snowed inside their semlin (sod house). Story will be told inside the semlin;
  • Packing a trunk with replica items for Mennonite immigrant family moving from Russia to Manitoba in 1874;
  • Writing on a slate with slate pencils in a Mennonite private school setting.
  • Learning to write with a quill pen and ink in a Mennonite private school setting.
  • Watching spinning wool and/or learning to quilt a comforter.
  • Carding and spinning wool, darning socks, braiding rugs.
  • Making a handkerchief toy (“kodda pup”).
  • Playing traditional Mennonite circle games.
  • Learning to use and handle wood working tools.
  • Learning to do laundry on a wash board and a mangle
  • Learning to bake biscuits (schnetje).
  • Optional - wagon or sleigh ride (weather permitting).
Schedule and instructions will be emailed prior to visit.