Social Studies Curriculum

Dear Middle Grades Teacher:

The Mennonite Heritage Village offers a Winter Program to students/teachers in the middle grades that enhances the Manitoba Social Studies Curriculum. The Mennonite way of life in the late nineteenth century will be emphasized through hands-on activity & instruction. This program meets general Learning Outcomes I, D, L, T, G, E.

Five separate areas of life will be focused on in this program: Migration, Home, Work, School and Food. Prior to arrival please have the class divided into five groups (re - five stations). An adult supervisor should accompany each group. As students proceed through each station, they will be exposed to various hands-on activities and instruction. The program will enable students to do all of the following activities:

  • Write with a quill pen and ink in a Mennonite private school setting
  • Bake schnetki (biscuits) and taste them
  • Experience a make-believe journey from Russia to North America
  • Harness a simulated horse
  • Card and spin wool/darn socks/rug braiding
  • Optional: sleigh/wagon ride with horses (weather permitting)

Students and teachers/parents are expected to arrive at 10:00 am and depart at 2:00 pm.
Except for the sleigh ride this is an indoor program and request children to bring both indoor and outdoor footwear.

This four hour Winter Program has been designed to allow each student and teacher to participate in every activity. The Winter Program will be offered from February to April.

For additional information or to make a reservation, please contact:

Mennonite Heritage Village
Phone 204-326-9661 Fax 204-326-5046

Soup, bread & coffee available for adults
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** Preference will be given to early booking **