Berlin Wall

This section is 3 meters tall and weighs 7,716 lb

From August 13, 1961 to November 9, 1989, a barrier of concrete, barbed wire, traps and armed sentries separated the people of East and West Berlin. This tragic separation and the repression of freedoms characterized a time in history known as the Cold War.

The Berlin Wall also meant the separation of Mennonite families during and after WWII. Many Mennonites fled with the German armies when they retreated from Ukraine during the war. When Soviet forces conquered Eastern Germany and Berlin, some Mennonites escaped to the West, while many were forced back to the Soviet Union. After the collapse of the Wall Mennonite families were reunited.

The Berlin Wall was finally overcome through the peaceful protests of the citizens of East Berlin.

This section of the wall was brought to Canada in 1990 and donated to the Mennonite Heritage Village in May, 2000.
Donated by: Martin Bergen