Mennonite Heritage Village

Heart-Shaped Waffle Iron

Donated by: Mary Wolfe

The Heart-Shaped Waffle Iron was patented in America by at least 1922 but has been around since before 1900. It was a common feature of the Russian Mennonite hearth both in Russia and in Manitoba. This type of iron was used to make waffles on a wood burning stove.

It was common to have the recipe on the iron itself:

  • Kartoffel Waffeln (potato waffles)
  • ½ tt gekochte, (cooked) Geriebene Kartoffeln (grated potatoes)
  • ¼ tt Mehl (flour)
  • ¼ Lt. warme Milch. (warm milk)
  • 3 Eier (Eggs)
  • 50 Grm Butter
  • 200 Grm Hefe (yeast)

This waffle iron belonged to the donor’s great-grandfather, c. 1900.