Mennonite Heritage Village

Thanksgiving Reflections

by Gary Dyck

Thanksgiving is upon us! What a challenging year it has been so far, but it is always good to rejoice and give thanks when we can. At the Mennonite Heritage Village (MHV) we recently hosted a ‘Farm to You’ fundraiser. Fifty people enjoyed a meal and program in our auditorium and another 50 enjoyed the same meal delivered to their home and then watched our live stream.

As a thank you to our community we provided that thanksgiving live stream on our Mennonite Heritage Village YouTube channel. It includes thanksgiving segments from our community and staff as well as Andrew Unger of the Daily Bonnet sharing his great wit and revealing the source of his ideas. Check it out this Thanksgiving with your family. Also check out our amazing new peace project by googling ‘Mennonite Kickstarter’! There are cool rewards for even small contributions.

To end, I want to share the poem I wrote for our Farm to You fundraiser. We have many people in our community passionate about providing nutritious food for us. I call them the providers and that includes the land that Creator God has given us to steward well. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Shaking rice from the lake

Threshing wheat from the field

Picking berries from the forest

Vegetables from the yard

Not to be outdone by the bees

Back and forth they tend tiny trees

All summer long there’s a buzz

It’s what a provider does

Then comes Fall with its blankets deep

Frost, Clouds, Snow from edges creep

All of the earth to rest and keep

While on our plates its goodness heap

Here it lies:





Calendar of Events

Now until April 1, 2021, Exhibit: “MCC 100 Years”

Indoor Galleries and Village Books & Gifts open year-round. For a limited time, the South East Artists have put up an exhibit in our Art Hall with striking autumn paintings. Outdoor Village buildings and Livery Barn Restaurant re-open May 1, 2021.

October 31, 10am – 4pm, Christmas at the Village, Christmas market in our beautiful auditorium, hot chocolate and wagon rides outside. Hot lunch available 11:30am – 1pm.