Mennonite Heritage Village

‘To Do’ List in a Pandemic

by Gary Dyck

Many of us like the security and satisfaction that a ‘To Do’ list provides. One of my family members even adds completed items to her list so she can have the satisfaction of making another check mark. During these weeks of being stuck at home it might be a good time to have a checklist to go through.

The Mennonite Heritage Village (MHV) has come up with some traditional things to put on your list. We shared some of these in March, but it is even more important now to do some things that have served the well-being of previous generations.

Pandemic ‘To Do’ List:

-Call a friend/relative every day, let them know why you are grateful for their friendship.

-Deep clean or organize a different part of the house every day.

-DON’T look at the news every day.

-Bake a special meal or goodies. It feels very special for my family to get a tin of muffins from their grandma freshly baked.

-Get outside every day. Go for a walk. In some cultures, during the winter months people sit outside and soak in some life-giving Vitamin D from the sun.

-DON’T check your social media every day.

-Take the time to contemplate and meditate. Start paying more attention to subtle things about yourself and your behaviour that you don’t normally notice. Like the Psalmist says, “Search me O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts”. Feelings are meant to move us, not make us complacent.

-Have a couple books to read ‘on the go’, one deeper, one lighter.

-Find something to make you laugh every day.

-Record your story.

-Wear a mask when you go out in public.

Recently, I had a Zoom call with my father and asked him ’50 Questions for interviewing living family members’ (Zoom pro lets you record your conversation). You can find the entire list of questions on Some questions like ‘where have you all live?’ led to significant stories. Some answers like his answer to ‘what is your life philosophy’ surprised me. And practical questions like ‘what is the disease history of our family?’ informed me. As I clicked ‘leave meeting’ on Zoom, I turned to my wife and said, “that was one of my best used hours this year. I’m so glad I did that.”

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MHV galleries are temporarily closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

December 1, 7pm – Tourmagination virtual preview of Mennonite Heritage Village’s 2021 exhibit “Mennonites at War”. Senior Curator Andrea Klassen will be highlighting artefacts from the museum’s collection as part of Tourmagination’s virtual tour series.