Mennonite Heritage Village

Top 10 Things to do in Winter

February 9, 2023

By Gary Dyck

Next weekend Mennonite Heritage Village (MHV) will be hosting its annual Winter Carnival – three days of activities that will provide meaningful fun. Until then, here’s our top ten list of things to do in winter:

1. See festive lighting to enthrall your senses.

The darkness of winter illuminates the glow of these lights.

2. Go for a horse-drawn sleigh ride.

These beautiful beasts were the main form of transportation 100 years ago.

3. Venture out on a snow-shoe trail.

Another traditional way to get around in winter, especially in the woods. It feels good to stay warm by moving around.

4. Try kicksledding!

This was a common way of getting around in Scandinavian villages. Kicksleds are like dog sleds, except they glide along the snow with the same motion as scooters.

person on a kicksled sledding past a store on village street
Kicksledding down the Village’s Main Street

5. Skate outside under the stars.

It’s much more romantic than skating under bright LED lights!

6. Visit a museum gallery.

Museums are often open in winter and exploring their exhibits can make you feel like you traveled somewhere else.

7. Chat it up with a friend around a bonfire.

Bonfires invite reflection and long conversations.

8. Toboggan down a safe hill.

Enjoy the rush of sledding down a snow pile with a group of friends.

9. Learn the art of snow-sculpting.

With a YouTube video and a few tools, it doesn’t take much to become a backyard artist.

10. And finally, don’t forget the hot chocolate!

It’s the perfect companion to any winter outing.

You can experience everything on this Top 10 list at MHV’s Winter in the Village, open every Friday and Saturday ‘til 8pm! We have skates, snowshoes, and kicksleds to rent, amazing festive lighting in the village, and everything else you see on that list!

If you love singing, join the mass choir performing a special Sängerfest in celebration of the centenary of the Russländer immigration to Canada! A children’s choir conducted by Millie Hildebrand, a youth choir conducted by Kristel Peters and Vic Pankratz, and an adult choir conducted by Henry Engbrecht will all be singing together at the Centennial Concert Hall on July 15. Singing our Journey! Learn more and sign up here at:

Upcoming Events:

Winter in the Village, Now till March Bring your friends and family to see the festive lights at MHV! You can skate along our trail or outdoor rink. We will also rent out skates, snowshoes and kicksleds for you to try out in the village. Then end the night with some hot chocolate. Our warming hut (located at the back of the General Store) will be open for visitors.

MHV Village Books & Gifts and Galleries are open Tuesday to Saturday. Currently MHV has two new exhibits for you to enjoy: “Resurfacing: Mennonite Floor Patterns” by Margruite Krahn and “Beauty in the Ordinary” by Southeast Artists.

Winter Carnival, February 18 to 20 A weekend full of outdoor activities, including snowshoeing, skating, snow sculpting, and more! Explore winter in a replica Mennonite Village or peruse our indoor galleries to escape the cold. Witness the Village transform overnight as a dazzling light show illuminates the skating rink and trails. More information to come.

Pier 21 the Musical, March 18 (7pm), March 19 (3pm) This musical utilizes a blend of Celtic and swing music to tell the stories of those who fled from Europe and arrived at Pier 21 – the gateway to Canada. Witness the adventures, hopes, dreams, and heartaches of immigrants, orphans, and war brides as they navigate their arrival to this new land. Tickets are $25 and include coffee & dessert.