Mennonite Heritage Village

Visit Again for the First Time – Part 1

Village News (July 11, 2019)

By Gary Dyck

Visit Again for the First Time – Part 1

Once in a while, I hear someone say that they have visited the Mennonite Heritage Village (MHV) already and don’t need to come again. MHV covers 500 years of history, has 16,000+ artifacts, a wonderful staff, all kinds of events throughout the year and over thirty heritage buildings on 40 acres of park-like quality. MHV isn’t a one-time activity to check off the list. The more one knows the more one can see. For those who do like to check- off lists, here is a start to get you into MHV (or any museum) a little deeper:

– Learn some museum purposes and trends. Then visit our galleries and grounds with that framework. Make connections with what you are learning in life. When I was visiting museums in Washington with another family, their son said that his highlight was hearing me critique the exhibits we visited and wonder aloud how they could be different.

– To take this idea deeper study in-depth the types of heritage buildings we have and have fun impressing your kids with your wisdom about house-barns, the blacksmith or even the ‘General Store’. Things look different when you become the guide. It is also a great way to learn.

– Connect with another visitor. We have guests from around the world with different viewpoints and questions. Seeing the museum through their eyes can be quite eye-opening for a local. This is one of the major highlights for our volunteers.

– Look for the beauty of the buildings and the landscaped grounds like you would a painting. The hues change depending on the weather, the season and where the sun is. It can have a very different feel one day to the next, which is why we have such a great deal on annual memberships. It is also a great place to practice photography and capture different angles that the eye doesn’t always see.

– The Livery Barn Restaurant has a different special every day of the week, even Israeli and other cultural cuisines. A brunch buffet is served on Saturdays and a traditional Mennonite buffet on Sundays.

– See it like a park where instead of just going to see everything as quickly as you can, go just to enjoy the ambiance. Have a picnic underneath the sail of the windmill or by the pond. Instead of rushing your kids around let them just run wherever they want and lead you. Having (grand)kids can make for quite a different experience too.

We still have openings for our Pioneer camps. It is an experience your (grand)kids will have with them for the rest of their lives! Saturday (July 13) is our Heritage Classic Car Show, what a great way to spend a Saturday. Hope to see you there!