Mennonite Heritage Village

Innovation at MHV

by Gary Dyck

I’m sure you have heard of the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). Either by shopping at their local thrift store or donating gently used items. Or maybe you have bought Fairtrade coffee and chocolate at their Ten Thousand Villages boutique. Have you ever wondered how MCC came to be? Have you ever thought of where the money goes when you buy your gently used items and treasures? Like a life-size pop up story book, the Mennonite Heritage Village’s (MHV) ‘MCC 100 Years’ exhibit will reveal these details to you. Come check it out now at our Gerhard Ens gallery.

Compassion, hope, love and peace in the name of Christ, is what drives MCC. Responding to the needs of the hopeless, the uprooted, and the hungry. MCC has relief, development and peace programs all around the world. For our recent Spring Gala fundraiser, several presenters came in and share about MCC’s relief and reconciliation work.  They explained how MCC has helped many refugees, provided a sustainable water pump to those in need and promoted greater understanding between Mennonites and Indigenous peoples.

In the near future we will be releasing the recording on our Spring Gala on our YouTube website. We hope that it will inspire you. Your contributions at the local MCC store have helped change many lives and will continue to do so! Thank you to all our guests who came for our filming of the MCC 100 Years Gala Event, and to you the viewer for your time. Together we can make a big difference.

With Covid-19 comes the need for innovation and at the Mennonite Heritage Village (MHV) we have developed a new way to do life in the village. Starting July 4th we will have ‘Demonstration Days’ every other Saturday in instead of Pioneer Days this year. There will be a variety of demonstrations (possibly including the sawmill, blacksmith, printery, the windmill, threshing machines, baking bread in the clay oven and more!) Kids always love the barrel train rides and adults love the wagon rides so we will try to have those happening too. MHV Auxiliary will also be making fresh rollkuchen as well as old fashioned waffles with white sauce for those needing something in addition to the delicious food that our Livery Barn Restaurant already provides. See our website for more details and see you this Saturday!