Livery Barn Restaurant

Livery Barn Restaurant


Our Traditional Menu

Traditional Meal – $19.95
Locally made Foarma Worscht with three Vereniki smothered in Schmauntfatt with a side serving of coleslaw. Served with a bowl of Komst Borscht, a slice of stone ground whole wheat bread and plautz.

Bestje Dit enn Daut (Sampler Plate) – $17.50
Sample a little of this and that with this introductory platter – Includes Komst Borscht, Foarma Worscht, two Vereniki smothered in Schmauntfatt, serving of Coleslaw, a slice of stone round whole wheat bread and plautz.

Vereniki Lover’s Platter – $17.50
A vereniki lover’s delight, enjoy 8 perogies served with Komst Borscht and a slice of stone ground bread.

Perogies and Sausage Meal – $15.50
Four Perogies covered in Schmauntfatt, two pieces of Foarma Worscht, and a side of Coleslaw.

Komst Borscht enn Broot (Soup & Bread) – $6.95
A bowl of Komst Borscht with one slice of stone ground whole wheat bread. 

Kielke Meal – $17.50
Egg Noodles topped with Schmauntfatt and a side of Foarma Worscht or Ham with Coleslaw. Served with Komst Borschrt and a slice of stone ground bread.

Faspa – $13.95
A bowl of Komst Borscht, a slice of stone ground whole wheat bread with butter and home-made jam, one slice of New Bothwell cheese, and one serving of rhubarb Plautz.

Gluten Free of Vegan substitutions available upon request 

potsChildren’s Menu – $8.50 each   (ages 12 & under)

Hot Dog (includes Chips, Cookie & Juice Box)
4 Chicken Nuggets (includes Chips, Cookie & Juice Box)

Mini Traditional Meal (includes 2 Perogies, 1 Foarma Worscht, Cookie  & Juice Box)

Side Orders

3 Vereniki (perogies)  – $5.95

2 pieces Foarma Worscht (Farmer Sausage) – $5.50

Slice of Bread  – $2.25

Bowl of Soup – $5.50

Coleslaw – $2.25

Hotdog – $5.50

4 Chicken Nuggets – $5.50

Takeout 1 litre soups – $9.95


Rhubarb Plautz – $4.95

Cinnamon Roll – $5.50

Plueme Moos (large) – $5.50

Plueme Moos (small) – $4.00

Homemade Cookie – $1.50

Ice Cream Cone (single) – $3.75

Ice Cream Cone (double) – $4.75

Rice Pudding (large) – $5.50

Rice Pudding (small) – $4.00

Pie – $5.50


Canned Drinks – $2.50

Homemade Iced Tea (free refills) – $2.00

Coffee/Tea  – $2.50

Juice Box – $1.50

Bottled Water $2.00


Thank you for choosing to dine at the Livery Barn Restaurant where food is prepared in a Russian Mennonite traditional cuisine.

Waut es daut?
What is that?

A light meal traditionally served in mid afternoon. Our Faspa is ready anytime.

Foarma Worscht
Locally made smoked pork sausage, lightly seasoned. Delicious eaten hot or cold. (GF)

Tender homemade egg noodles boiled in salted water. Often served with a cream gravy.

Komst Borscht
Soup made from hearty meat broth, cabbage (komst), onions, potatoes, pieces of sausage flavoured with the distinctive taste of dill. (GF)

A delicious cake-like dessert with a crust, fruit filling and crumb or streusel topping.

Plueme Moos
A variety of dried fruits (apple, plum, apricot, raisins) simmered to perfection. Served cold or at room temperature.

Rich savory cream gravy. (GF on request)

Stone ground Broot
Home-made bread made from stone ground whole wheat flour milled at the museum’s wind-driven grist mill.

Boiled pockets of soft dough filled with cottage cheese (Gluten Free or Vegan options available on request)

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Bus tours are eligible for special pricing in the Livery Barn Restaurant.  See “Bus Tour” section for more information or contact